About Us

When exterior meets interior

Our everyday lifestyle is changing, and our outside spaces have never been more important. Our backyards are our sanctuaries; they deliver a sense of calm, help us create memories, and increase our wellbeing.

With beautiful designs and high-quality durable materials, Divano Lounge helps you make the most of your backyard, patio, or garden. We believe your surroundings should express your personality, achieving a balance between you and your environment. Our outdoor furniture is upholstered with fabric or leather that is suitable for outdoor use throughout the whole year.

Company Profile

Divanolounge was established in 2014. It has 9 years of experience in furniture design and production. It uses European company management concepts and innovative customer service.

In order to drive the new trend of domestic sofas, China's domestic furniture market is now fully developed,    And provide customers with 5-year warranty, trade-in, and after-sales service for recyclable products to help customers solve the problem of old furniture disposal.

Creativity is what drives us to reinvent garden furniture, our unique furniture is a modern art expression. Divanolounge furniture adopts European design and has a unique product design patent.

Divanolounge aims to create "fashion", "environmental protection" and "comfort" as its orientation, and advocates handmade high-quality furniture that perfectly combines indoor and outdoor.