Outdoor Furniture Trends that are Taking Over in 2021

February 21, 2019

2020 was definitely the ‘year of the garden’ – and the global love of natural surroundings shows no signs of abating.

During lockdown, external spaces gained new importance; as places to relax, escape, and enjoy the great outdoors. With nowhere else to go, we all rediscovered our own backyards, then sought to improve them as much as possible.

Certain outdoor furniture trends emerged from this time, which have become even more popular this year. If you’re thinking of upgrading your garden, here’s a list of the top trends to inspire you.

The biggest outdoor furniture trends for 2021

Formal is out, comfort is in

With mental health taking center stage in 2020, top garden designers increasingly focused on comfort and self-care. The emphasis moved to relaxation and respite, and away from formality and fussiness. As such, social media became full of enticing images of gardens with oversized, luxurious sofas and cushioned chairs; creating a ‘living room’ ambiance outside.

This trend is here to stay, because comfortable seating serves a multitude of purposes. It can be used for socializing, reading a book, or even falling asleep on. It’s important to take measurements before buying, to ensure the furniture doesn’t over-dominate the available space. Our Twins Wood lounge set is a great example of opulent, ultra-comfy outdoor seating.

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Embrace the wild

Wild gardening is experiencing a surge in popularity, and Instagram is full of images of gardens overflowing with wildflowers and wildlife-friendly plants. This style of gardening is not only great for insects and birds; it also creates a wonderfully natural, serene atmosphere – ideal for unwinding in after a hard day at work.

If this sort of gardening is unfamiliar to you, ask your local nursery or garden center for some helpful tips. Wild grasses, low-maintenance native flora, and bushes are the way forward, and can even be used as natural ‘walls’, creating secret dining and relaxation zones in the garden. Look for furniture that complements this style; for example, wooden-framed chairs, rustic swings, and unpretentious metal tables.

Get cabana-creative

If you love a splash of color, you’ll adore the cabana trend. This look is all about vivid shades – terracotta-painted walls, bright plant-pots, outdoor rugs, and laid-back wooden furniture to relax on. It’s surprisingly easy to recreate this look in your garden. An L-shaped wood-framed sofa establishes a social area, which can be enhanced with a colorful Mexican-style outdoor rug, a low wooden table, and a few potted palms and cacti nearby.

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Practical gardening

Growing edibles in your garden is not only useful, but it also has real aesthetic appeal too. Raised flowerbeds add height to an otherwise flat lawn, and can be used to cultivate all sorts of vegetables for the family. A well-raked vegetable patch is also an attractive addition to your garden, as is a rustic wooden-framed greenhouse.

Some clever gardeners are also using their raised flowerbeds as seating too, with benches that are built into the frame. In fact, there are many ways to blend style and practicality in your outdoor space – and it’s the ideal opportunity to get creative.

Bring the indoors outside

One of the hottest outdoor furniture trends for 2021 is the ‘inside-out’ look. It involves a shift in mindset; as you’ll need to view your garden as an ‘extra room’, rather than a zone that’s entirely separate from your house.

To capture the magic of this trend, you’ll need more than just a cozy sofa and chairs. Accessorizing is vital; with waterproof cushions, rugs, side-tables, and outdoor lamps, which set the mood when the sun goes down.

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Introduce the luxe look

During lockdown, everyone dreamed of beach vacations and luxury cruises. As such, many homeowners started incorporating some five-star poolside glamour to their own gardens. While you might not have room for an actual pool, you can still achieve the luxe look, as long as you invest in the right outdoor furniture.

For example, our Blain lounger wouldn’t look out of place beside an infinity pool in Cancun, and instantly adds a ‘luxury hotel’ vibe to your garden space. Team it with a large parasol, and you’ve got an authentic vacation experience, in the comfort of your own home.

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All-year-round garden use

Traditionally, people view their gardens as places to be enjoyed in the warmer months, then neglected when the temperatures drop. Now, social media influencers are advocating ‘all-year-round’ gardens – customizing your outdoor space to make it useable in winter as well as summer.

A chiminea or fire-pit are both perfect for snuggling around when it’s cold, and some woolen throws add warmth when you’re sitting on your outdoor sofa. If your garden is exposed to wind, consider planting some trees to block the cold, or add a decorative screen.

‘Working’ garden

One of the greatest benefits of the pandemic was the option to work from home – and that includes the garden. Some savvy workers added attractive wooden home offices to their outdoor spaces, while others invested in work-friendly furniture, enabling them to soak up the sun while attending Zoom meetings online. Our Nazim chair and pouf are perfect for work, as they have an executive look, without compromising on comfort.

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Take inspiration from what you love

Your outdoor area should be tailored to your tastes, and also your lifestyle. If you’re seeking inspiration, take a look at Divano Lounge’s range of top-quality outdoor furniture. We’ve got something to suit every home; from wood-framed cushioned garden sofas, to chic metal-framed chairs. Browse through some of our Lounge Groups to see how our products compliment the latest outdoor furniture trends.

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