Outdoor Lounge Furniture – What to Look for When You Shop

February 21, 2019

When the sun’s shining, few things compete with spending time in the garden. Whether it’s socializing with friends or relaxing with a book, enjoying time outside is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

To get the most from your outdoor experience, you need to invest in the right garden furniture. This guide covers:

  • The different types of furniture available
  • The key things to factor in when considering your options
  • Things to look for when you’re making a purchase

What types of outdoor lounge furniture are there?

Before you start searching for outdoor lounge furniture, it’s a good idea to know what’s available. Here’s a quick run-through of the different types of seating, tables, and accessories on offer.

Outdoor sofas

If you’ve got a patio or decking area, an outdoor sofa is ideal. They usually come in a range of sizes; from cozy loveseats for two to generous four-seaters, which are ideal if you’ve got a big family. Some might have metal frames, while others might be crafted from wood or wicker.

DivanoLounge Outdoor Lounge Furniture – What to Look for When You Shop 1 - Outdoor Lounge Furniture – What to Look for When You Shop
Divano Lounge “Twins Wood” Sofa

Outdoor sectional seating

Sectional seats are a great option if you want to create a bespoke seating area. They can be positioned to suit your requirements and moved around whenever you feel like a change.

Some sectional pieces are small and can be used as either a chair or a footstool, while others are larger, and come with features like armrests and headrests.

DivanoLounge Outdoor Lounge Furniture – What to Look for When You Shop 2 - Outdoor Lounge Furniture – What to Look for When You Shop
Divano Lounge “Odeon” Sofa

Outdoor chairs

If you want to create a lounge-style area in your garden, a garden armchair is a perfect choice. When combined with a sofa or two, it creates a wonderful social zone; especially when teamed with a few cushions or throws.

Some chairs can be folded away when not in use, which is useful if you’ve only got limited space.

DivanoLounge Outdoor Lounge Furniture – What to Look for When You Shop 3 - Outdoor Lounge Furniture – What to Look for When You Shop
Divano Lounge “Bluff” Lounge Set

Garden tables

Garden tables come in all shapes and sizes. A small rectangular coffee table makes a great centerpiece for your sofas and chairs, while a larger table can be used to create a casual dining area. Side tables are also handy, and add a note of class when teamed with sofas or sectionals.

DivanoLounge Outdoor Lounge Furniture – What to Look for When You Shop 4 - Outdoor Lounge Furniture – What to Look for When You Shop
Divano Lounge “Ivory” Lounge Set

Sun loungers

Sun loungers often have a movable frame, enabling you to raise the headrest if you want to sit up to read. If you love relaxing in the sun with your partner, consider a double sun lounger, which offers enough space for two people to lie side-by-side.

DivanoLounge Outdoor Lounge Furniture – What to Look for When You Shop 5 - Outdoor Lounge Furniture – What to Look for When You Shop
Divano Lounge “Coral Grey” Sun Lounger

Accessories for outdoor lounge furniture

To get the most from your outdoor furniture, it’s wise to invest in some accompanying accessories. Slide-in tables are perfect for those with limited outside space, and cushions immediately make your garden seating look more welcoming.

Consider the lighting too. For example, a well-positioned lamp is wonderful for creating a romantic atmosphere once the sun’s gone down.

DivanoLounge Outdoor Lounge Furniture – What to Look for When You Shop 6 - Outdoor Lounge Furniture – What to Look for When You Shop
Divano Lounge Floor Lamp

Divano Lounge “Twins Wood” Sofa

When searching for outdoor lounge furniture, ask yourself the following:

How much space do you have?

It’s important to be realistic about how much space is available in your garden. A supersized sofa might look great online, but if it’s too big, it’ll make the rest of your outdoor space feel cramped. Determine where the outdoor lounge furniture will be placed, then measure the area carefully.

Consider how you’ll walk around it too. No one wants to squeeze awkwardly past a sectional sofa every time they want a stroll down the garden!

What’s the weather like?

Take into account what the weather is like throughout the year, as some furniture is better suited to certain climates than others.

For example, if you enjoy sunshine all year round, you should look for outdoor lounge furniture that’s covered in fade-resistant material. Also, bear in mind that rubber and plastic can be damaged by UV exposure over time.

Alternatively, if you get plenty of rain, a water-resistant sofa might be a more suitable option. Metal frames are prone to rust over time, and wood frames are also adversely impacted by water unless treated on a regular basis.

Who’s using your outdoor lounge furniture?

Who will be sitting on your outdoor lounge furniture most frequently? If it’s your children, it’s beneficial to search for sofas that are stain-resistant, as accidents inevitably happen when kids are around.

If you’re using it as a social space, your priority might be aesthetics over practicality – so look for something that’s attractive, and built to accommodate multiple people.

What do you actually need?

It’s great to have some comfortable seating outside. However, you need to ask yourself – is that enough? For example, when you’re sitting outside with a drink, where will you rest your glass? If you’d like to enjoy your sofa in the evening, how will the surrounding area be lit?

These are important questions to ask, so you can tailor your outdoor lounge area to your personal requirements.

Do you need storage?

Occasionally, garden furniture will include a range of ingenious storage solutions, such as drawers in the base, or secret storage areas underneath the cushions. These are great for storing cushions, foldaway tables, and other accessories when they’re not in use.

If you’ve already got a shed or garage, this might not be a priority – but if space is limited in your garden, furniture with storage can come in very useful indeed.

What about budget?

Before you start searching for furniture, work out what you can afford. Once you’ve got a budget in place, you can identify exactly what sort of items you can afford.

If you’re trying to keep costs down, look for seating with a metal frame, or furniture that’s made using a cheaper kind of wood.

What to look for when buying outdoor lounge furniture

When you’re ready to start searching for outdoor furniture, keep the following things in mind:

Is it built to last?

That stylish sofa might look stunning now, but will it still look presentable five years in the future? When investing in outdoor furniture, you should look for pieces that are designed to last. Ask the following:

  • If it has a metal frame, is it rust-proof?
  • Can the seating withstand exposure to the elements?
  • Is it sturdy?
  • Are the cushions stain-resistant?
  • Will the material fade in the sunlight?
  • Will the wood frame rot, or has it been treated?

Is it made from quality materials?

It’s best to purchase furniture that’s been crafted from high-quality materials, as this means it’ll last longer. Again, it’s a good idea to get answers to the following questions:

  • What sort of wood is the frame made from?
  • What materials are the cushion covers made from?
  • What’s the padding made of? Some materials will retain their ‘bounce’ longer than others.
  • Does it come with any guarantees?

Is it suitable for your requirements?

It doesn’t matter how attractive the garden furniture is; if it doesn’t match your personal lifestyle, it’ll never quite live up to your expectations. Think about the following:

  • Can it be cleaned? Muddy paws and sticky fingers can swiftly turn a sophisticated sofa into a grimy mess!
  • Is the fabric wipe-clean?
  • Does it provide you and your family with enough space to sit together?
  • Is it the right size?
  • Can the cushions be stored away when not in use?

Is it comfortable?

Ultimately, outdoor sofas and chairs should be comfortable to sit on. However, the level of comfort you require will depend on what you’ll be using the seating for. Ask yourself:

  • What will you be using it for?
  • How much cushioning do you want?
  • Is the material sweat-resistant? This is particularly important with sun loungers.
  • Does the outdoor lounge furniture support the body well?
  • Are any parts likely to sag / lose their comfort over time?

Will you still like it in the future?

It’s tempting to purchase outdoor lounge furniture that’s currently on-trend. However, fashionable furniture can swiftly look dated, so try to choose something that offers timeless style instead. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will it still look fashionable in five years’ time?
  • What about if you update any other areas of your garden? Will the furniture still work with your redesigned outdoor space?
  • Is it practical for long-term use?

There’s a wealth of outdoor furniture to choose from, with something out there for everyone. If you take the time to consider exactly what you need, you’re far more likely to find something that complements your lifestyle to perfection.

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If you’re looking for timeless outdoor lounge furniture that’s made to last, Divano Lounge has you covered. With beautiful designs and high-quality durable materials, Divano Lounge helps you make the most of your backyard, patio, or garden.

Our outdoor furniture is upholstered with fabric or leather that is suitable for outdoor use throughout the whole year, which is more important than ever. Our everyday lifestyle is changing, and our outside spaces have never been more important. Our backyards are our sanctuaries; they deliver a sense of calm, help us create memories, and increase our wellbeing.

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